Success Stories

Take a giant step forward in your business and your life...with Erica's coaching and consulting services

Facing burnout, a chiropractor questions her career

Margaret owned and operated a well-established chiropractic office for 20 years. She worked 60+ hours a week and became burned out. She questioned why she ever became a chiropractor and wondered, "Where did my passion go?"

Erica's coaching and business consulting process

Erica proposed Margaret begin with coaching and add business consulting services later. During her first three months of coaching, Margaret identified the key factors causing her burnout.

After 3 months of coaching, Erica added the business-consulting component of her services and used an assessment tool to gather feedback from Margaret, her staff, and her patients. Feedback confirmed Margaret's strength as a master practitioner and identified these key leadership weaknesses: not allowing others to support her and not communicating the vision of the business.

Erica presented the feedback in a blend of coaching and consulting guidance. As Margaret clarified her definition of success, she re-evaluated the vision, mission, and objectives for her business; she designed a new business strategy; and she identified the resources she needed to move forward on her path.

The Result: Coaching rekindles passion for career AND a balanced life

Today, Margaret works 4 days a week in her new location: a creek-side cottage. She and her fellow chiropractors share the patient workload and office duties. She also focuses her practice on seniors, which was a personal goal. Margaret continues to apply the Gremlin-Taming® method and Seven Sacred Attitudes in her life and is also exploring watercolor painting.

After 1 year of coaching/consulting with Erica, Margaret was able to reconnect to her passion for living a healthy, balanced life.

Speaker’s fear of success stalled book and sabotaged goals

A former top-ranking saleswoman, Pat is a passionate, high-energy public speaker who encourages women to view midlife as a time to shine. Pat wanted to earn a strong national speaking reputation, and knew writing a book would help her do so. She had started the book 2 years before meeting Erica, then shelved it. Pat participated in Erica's free teleclass for writers—and felt inspired. She signed up for coaching right away.

Erica's coaching and consulting process for writers

Erica and Pat began by co-designing their coaching relationship. Erica asked Pat to spell out her needs, which included candid feedback, accountability, assistance on her business plan, and guidance to finish and publish her book. Erica requested a 6-month engagement to meet these goals, and committed to help Pat get below the surface of the challenge with her book.

Pat extended her coaching contract with Erica and began to query agents and publishers. Over time, Pat totally embraced her notion of success. As she did, she became aware of how she had sabotaged past successes by letting fear stop her, and she learned to overcome this response.

The Result: Speaker/author embraces success

Pat has completed her book, has a plan to publish it, and has scheduled national-level speaking engagements. She acknowledges that the book's eminent publication is a great accomplishment, yet she is most proud of how she embraces the Seven Sacred Attitudes, particularly the "Show Up" attitude.

Writer and stay-at-home dad felt lost: "What is my passion?"

A freelance technical writer, Cliff became a stay-at-home dad when his twin sons were toddlers. Today, the twins are in high school and, armed with driver's licenses, nearly independent. Cliff was bored with technical writing and wondered, "How can coaching help me follow my passion if I don't know what my passion is?"

Erica's coaching process

From the outset, Cliff was excited by the discoveries he made through Erica's coaching. He began with Erica's's in Your Nature values and strengths clarification process to unearth "What is important?"

Through the coaching process, Cliff clarified his unique definition for success, gained a positive attitude about having fun while making money, and investigated real estate investing as a viable career.

The Result: Passion, a clear vision, and success

Tapping into Erica's extensive network of experts, Cliff established a Limited Liability Company, developed an investment strategy, and started implementing it, including purchasing a multi-unit investment property with several partners. For fun, he also began teaching high school students the basics of money management.

After 10 months of coaching, Cliff had created a clear vision for his future and felt deserving of his success.