Success Bracelets

More powerful than a string around your finger!

Which of the Seven Sacred Attitudes® will be most leveraging for your life or business? Perhaps it's Go Slow or Trust the Process. Maybe it's all seven. Erica Ross-Krieger introduces her Sacred Attitude bracelets: your daily reminder to help you cultivate your favorite Attitudes.

Artist Linda Doutre creates these signature Sacred Attitudes bracelets exclusively for Erica Ross-Krieger. Each cuff bracelet is custom made and handcrafted of sterling silver in the U.S.A.


1. Complete the Customization Form. (Please complete 1 form per bracelet.)

A. Determine your bracelet size.

B. Select one of your favorite Sacred Attitudes for each Success Bracelet you order:

C. Select the bracelet thickness:

D. Select from two lettering styles:

E. Select the finish:

2. Fax your completed Customization Forms (1 per bracelet) to:
(925) 944-0465.

3. To order call (925) 933-7445


Heavy Cuff Bracelet:
Simple, strong lines define this unassuming silver bracelet. Because of its substantial weight, this Heavy Cuff Bracelet is a favorite with men, yet women enjoy wearing it, too. Shown in photo: Brushed silver finish with plain imprinting.

Mid-weight Cuff Bracelet:
This appealing Mid-weight Cuff Bracelet will catch your eye and remind you of your favorite Sacred Attitude. Shown in photo: Gleaming silver finish and imprinting with darkened lettering (the darkened letters add an overall subtle, dark patina to the shiny bracelet).

Thin Cuff Bracelet:
Lightweight and elegant, this bracelet helps you keep the Seven Sacred Attitudes close at hand. Shown in photo: Gleaming silver finish with plain imprinting.

Whether worn alone or with others, these bracelets become a personal statement that remind you of your ongoing practice to adopt the Sacred Attitudes.