"Many books tell us how to change-this book shows us how applying one of the Sacred Attitudes allows ordinary people to access inner wisdom during everyday life."

Elana O'Loskey, Writer, Seminar Leader "The Wisdom of Plants" Workshops

"Erica has been the catalyst for so many things coming together for me-my career focus, my writing. I have more wonderful journeying to do, but I feel the blessings of inward freedom already."

Deborah Brown, Author and Teacher, California

Success Bracelets

More powerful than a string around your finger!

Which of the Seven Sacred Attitudes® will be most leveraging for your life or business? Perhaps it's Go Slow or Trust the Process. Maybe it's all seven. Erica Ross-Krieger introduces her Sacred Attitude bracelets: your daily reminder to help you cultivate your favorite Attitudes.

Artist Linda Doutre creates these signature Sacred Attitudes bracelets exclusively for Erica Ross-Krieger. Each cuff bracelet is custom made and handcrafted of sterling silver in the U.S.A.


1. Complete the Customization Form. (Please complete 1 form per bracelet.)

A. Determine your bracelet size.

  • Each elegant cuff bracelet is handmade to fit your wrist. Measure your wrist at the spot you will wear the bracelet and add one inch.

B. Select one of your favorite Sacred Attitudes for each Success Bracelet you order:

  • Use Inner Wisdom
  • Accept What's So
  • Go Slow
  • Do Less
  • Show Up
  • Trust the Process
  • Be With the Questions

C. Select the bracelet thickness:

  • Thin Cuff Bracelet (8-gauge sterling silver wire); $120 each
  • Mid-weight Cuff Bracelet (6-gauge sterling silver wire); $150 each
  • Heavy Cuff Bracelet (4-gauge sterling silver wire); $190 each

D. Select from two lettering styles:

  • Plain imprinting
  • Imprinting with darkened lettering (adds a slightly dark patina to bracelet.)

E. Select the finish:

  • Gleaming silver finish (finest grade [.925] sterling silver
  • Brushed silver finish (finest grade [.925] sterling silver)

2. Fax your completed Customization Forms (1 per bracelet) to:
(925) 944-0465.

3. To order call (925) 933-7445


Heavy Cuff Bracelet:
Simple, strong lines define this unassuming silver bracelet. Because of its substantial weight, this Heavy Cuff Bracelet is a favorite with men, yet women enjoy wearing it, too. Shown in photo: Brushed silver finish with plain imprinting.

Mid-weight Cuff Bracelet:
This appealing Mid-weight Cuff Bracelet will catch your eye and remind you of your favorite Sacred Attitude. Shown in photo: Gleaming silver finish and imprinting with darkened lettering (the darkened letters add an overall subtle, dark patina to the shiny bracelet).

Thin Cuff Bracelet:
Lightweight and elegant, this bracelet helps you keep the Seven Sacred Attitudes close at hand. Shown in photo: Gleaming silver finish with plain imprinting.

Whether worn alone or with others, these bracelets become a personal statement that remind you of your ongoing practice to adopt the Sacred Attitudes.