"The results are astonishing. I am living my life from the inside out, doing more authentic work, and willing to see things I hadn't seen before. How refreshing!"

D.O., Executive Trainer, Quebec

"My experience with Erica was exhilarating. I came to her thinking I wanted help with my book proposal and left with an unexpected but powerful outcome—a business plan for a new company and a set of personal financial goals. I found her to have an uncanny way of knowing just how to inject creativity into the discussion and extract the truth and inner ideas from me."

Frank Hone, Executive Vice President, Ogilvy Healthworld

"I wanted a coach who would stay two steps ahead of me and not let me off the hook. When I spoke with Erica, she asked probing questions, and she immediately outflanked me. I hired her on the spot. During our sessions, she held me accountable and asked the right questions to get me thinking and growing. These past few months have been wonderful. I have grown in my ability to run my business and how I interact with people."

Michael Ginsberg, Managing Partner, The Mortgage Practice, California

Explore Coaching & Consulting

Are you ready for a powerful journey of personal and professional development?

Explore your future possibilities with Erica Ross-Krieger

Erica will guide you on your personal journey to discover your life's quest—the very thing you were meant to do and how you were meant to do it. Throughout this journey, you'll enjoy times that are refreshing and invigorating, be challenged with deep inner work, and experience moments of deep clarity and understanding.

PERSONAL COACHING: Reconnect with your passion

As Erica says: "Success...it's in your nature." Working with Erica, you will uncover your unique definition of success. You will get to the heart of the matter—the heart of you and your authentic nature. Whether you are disconnected from your passion, discouraged about the shape of your business, or entering mid-life and ready to create the second chapter of your life, you will:

ENTREPRENEURS: Work less...breath more

Erica coaches and consults with entrepreneurs—especially those venturing into new businesses, those transforming their former businesses, alternative healthcare practitioners, and seasoned coaches—to reinvigorate and/or ignite their business passion and results.

Coaching and consulting with Erica, you can:

WRITERS: Get that project OUT THERE!

If your book or writing project is tucked in a drawer or stuck at the idea stage, it's time to show up to the page! Coach with Erica Ross-Krieger to deepen your relationship with your writing, uncover and clear any self-sabotaging beliefs and obstacles from your path, and tackle the nuts-and-bolts steps to get published.

As a writer, you'll get much more than motivation—you'll get sage business advice.

Erica's a savvy businessperson and published author. Her coaching sessions with writers deliver the proven, practical tools and techniques for you to complete your book or writing project. You'll tap into Erica's expertise as a published author and gain access to a network of publishing resources. With Erica's coaching you'll move to the next level of your writing career.

Working with Erica, writers see results.

Success...It's In Your Nature® Coaching Program

The Success...it's in your nature® coaching program is designed to support you as you step forward and create what it is you say you want in your life. Whether that is a first book (or a tenth book), a new business venture, a more prosperous coaching practice or a more meaningful life, this series will help you achieve that and more. Now you can join the clients who you read about on the Success Stories page and design the rich and meaningful life you want.

The program consists of:

Because each coaching/consulting relationship is unique, Erica requests that you be committed to the process, prepared to work, and ready for surprises! Together, you will customize the relationship and determine the goals. Erica coaches a limited number of clients each year and invites you to apply for the program today.

Contact me NOW to apply!

Coaching Gym Thursdays

Coaching Gym sessions are 40-minute telephone coaching sessions designed to help you keep your success muscles toned and conditioned. I hold these half-hour Coaching Gym sessions by appointment on the 4th Thursday of each month (January-October).

I designed the Coaching Gym for:


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