"Becoming a writer can be like tacking into the wind. The writing class with Erica Ross-Krieger was like capturing a supportive gust in my sails. I loved learning about and applying the Seven Sacred Attitudes to my writing practice, my work, and my life. As a teacher and coach, Erica has it all."

Craig Carr, CPCC, PCC, Founder, Coaching Elements, Inc.
Senior Trainer, Coaches Training Institute, California

"After I floundered for years, Erica's writers' teleclass has helped me focus and trust the process. The exercises and practice of the Sacred Attitudes have put my feet firmly on the path—going slowly and relentlessly toward the completion of my writing project."

Linda Deutre, Founder, BrainPower Institute
Therapist, Expressive Arts Coach, Teacher, Artist; Texas

"The Seven Sacred Attitudes have helped me bring a relaxed but focused energy to my writing. As a result, my writing style has been awakened and energized. I highly recommend Erica's classes to anyone who wants to fall in love with writing."

Rosemary Eads, Certified Life Coach and Professional Intuitive, New Mexico

Classes & Retreats 2010-2011

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