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Quote of the Month

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."

- Friedrich Nietzsche
German classical Scholar, Philosopher and Critic of Culture, 1844-1900


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Welcome. Welcome to the community of those committed to living life from the inside out -- those who are making it a daily practice to discover their inner-directed definitions of success, apply the Seven Sacred Attitudes® and create more meaningful lives.

I created the's in your nature® ezine to support you on your individual journey and to provide news, tips and tools that will also foster a sense of community. I'm excited to be in touch with you each month and have a lot planned.

In every issue:

The Tools for the Journey section features practical tips for living your successful life from the inside out. Want to enrich your relationship with your life? Wish there were some tools for the journey? This section is the right place to be.

The Announcement section contains news about my upcoming events and projects -- book-signing events, teleclasses, retreats, books in progress, and news that will support you in living your personal definition of success.

In future issues, there will also be a Success Stories section. You will be able to contribute your success story to this section and read stories from others in the community who are also creating more fulfilling lives. Without further ado, welcome to the first issue!

Wishing you a rich and meaningful month,

Tools for the Journey

My new seven-part series, Living in the Richness of the Moment, is designed to help you start living in the richness of the moment. Right now. With this breath. The focus of the series is on learning how to spend more time on the heart-centered present, even in the midst of your busy life.

Whether or not you have already read my book, Seven Sacred Attitudes®, this series of articles is designed for you -- a person who is passionate about life and wants to drink in every luscious moment.

Living in the Richness of the Moment™
Part One: Come to Your Senses

Your body is talking. Are you listening? Not to your mind and all you think about your body and what you should do for it, but to your body itself? Your body has much to say. Every moment. Right now, as you read this, can you come to your senses and access your inner wisdom? What is your body saying at this moment?

Accessing the inner wisdom of your body takes practice. "Practice?" you say. "Another 'To Do'? I don't have time for everything on my plate as it is right now." Well, the practice of listening to the inner wisdom of your body doesn’t require that you do anything else -- no new activity to schedule in your day -- but it does require that you shift your attention.

Try this: Choose one activity that you will be doing anyway today -- preferably an activity you do outdoors. Decide to place your full attention on your body during this activity. Even if you use outdoor activities or exercise time for creative thinking and problem-solving, do something different today.

Place your attention on your body's experience of the activity. Start small. Start with 10 minutes where you will pay attention. Not to your mind where the stories live -- "Oh, I wish I could get this power-walk or run over with" -- but pay attention and stay present to your body. Take your mind off of the mental "To-Do-list" chatter and come to your senses!

Your body lives in this moment. It breathes now. Notice it in action. Discover what it has to tell you about this activity on this day for these 10 minutes. Print this list out and use it to guide you:

  • Notice your breath.
  • Notice the air against your neck.
  • If you're swimming, notice the water against your muscles. Notice the sensation of the water against your face.
  • Focus on the muscles in your legs as you walk, jog, bike-ride or swim or even if you use a walker or wheelchair.
  • Switch focus and pay attention to your arm muscles.
  • If you're at the computer, notice your shoulders, neck and brow.
  • Whether indoors or out, notice the sensation of your clothing against your skin.
  • Notice the rhythm of your breath.
  • Pay attention to the sensation of your breath as it enters and leaves your nose.
  • Pay attention to the sound of your breath as you jog, sit, or exhale into the water of the pool.
  • Keep your focus on your body and your senses.
  • Notice what your body is telling you.
  • What do you learn from coming to your senses?

And try this: If you usually walk, swim or run for a certain distance or a certain time period, put away the timer, pedometer or lap-counting routine for today. Use your body as the barometer for a change. Without a watch or measuring distance, let your body tell you when it is done or tired.

If you usually sit at the computer until you have gone through all the email, written every response and use 'being done with the task' to dictate when you are finished, go ahead and set a timer for 10 minutes today. Stop when the alarm goes off and check in again with your breath, shoulders, head and neck. What is your body saying right now?

Is there something you have been pretending not to know?

We have been given the power to direct our attention wherever we want. Today, place it on your body.

See how it goes.

Just for today.



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